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Museum & Gallery at Bob Jones University
Museum & Gallery at Bob Jones University

Museum & Gallery at Bob Jones University

This gallery and museum located in the heart of Bob Jones University has been open to the public since 1951 and its vast collection of artwork draws visitors from across the country.

Travelers will find some 200 Gothic-style pieces, 100 unique sculptures, 60 various textile designs and more than 1,000 ancient artifacts. Collections include the Old Masters Paintings, Russian Iron, Bowen Collection of Antiques and more. Baroque, Egyptian and even contemporary art works are beautifully displayed in the well-kept rooms of this incredible gallery and museum.

Visitors can explore the museum on their own, or combine it with a tour of this historic university. This is the perfect destination for old-world art lovers.

Please note: The Museum & Gallery at Bob Jones University is currently closed for renovation. However, many artworks can be found on campus and in museums around the globe.

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Tuesday through Saturday 2pm-5pm
Greenville, South Carolina, 29614

Practical Info

The museum and gallery is located at 25 Heritage Green Place in Greenville, South Caorlina. Parking is $.50 per 30 minutes with a maximum charge of $4 a day.

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